Eduardo joins Magic Laundry Services with more than 25 years of laundry experience! He previously worked at an in-house laundry for a Luxury hotel in Mexico and the United States. He has had the opportunity to work in different cities, different equipment and brands and has also received extensive training in management and attended seminars all related to the laundry industry! Eduardo helps oversee our newest plant in San Bernardino. This is a brand new, state of the art facility that is the latest addition to Magic Laundry Services. Eduardo loves to have the chance to apply all his experience and knowledge gained to help to resolve issues. One of Eduardo’s most memorable experience was when he got the opportunity to meet with the CEO of the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts. He was amazed on how humble he was and the way he treated the employees. He was open to interact with everyone and was something he will always remember. When Eduardo is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, watch TV, playing chess and travelling to local areas around.


Words of Wisdom 

I’m not believe I’m the one to do it, but I’d like the ones I learn from others, as the golden rule “treat others as you want to be treated”, “lead by example”, “treat other with respect and dignity”,etc. and finally I believe everything begin with a dream, have a dream, allow your self to dream and persuade your dreams.