Our COO -CFO, Harry Kertenian, has been with Magic Laundry Services since its birth in 2004. He was introduced to the laundry industry at a very young age, working for his parents who owned and operated their own retail laundry and dry cleaning store. Harry started there after school when he was 16, and upon finishing high school, he was involved full-time and beyond, expanding the business from a six employee cleaners to a two-shift retail store with 15 employees. At the age of 26, Harry began his own Venture and opened a hospitality laundry services company, creating Magic Laundry Services, and since then, he has not looked back.

At MLS, Harry loves that every day is challenging and busy. He also loves making a positive difference in people’s lives. One of our drivers always gives Harry a hug when he sees him. That’s because over 10 years ago, Harry saw this man, an orange seller he noticed daily, sitting by the road with his head down. Harry opened his window, asked him where his oranges were, and when the man said he would have more next week, he needed to get some work first, Harry figured he was honest because he was working instead of begging. So Harry handed him his number, and asked him to call for a job. Little did Harry know, the man came that afternoon and began working in production. Eventually, he earned his Class A driver’s license, and now drives semi-tractor trailers for MLS. How fortunate we are when opportunity is given to us all.

In his spare time, Harry enjoys his church, racing cars (which at one time he did weekly on club circuits), and playing golf with clients. But mostly, he’s dedicated to his family and alongside his wife, raising there children.

Words of Wisdom:

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all these things shall be added on to you.