Gabrielle started with the MLS team in 2021, joining the human resources department. Although she had assisted MLS with recruiting previously, the company knew that Gabby would be a great fit after seeing the hard work she was putting in on her recruiting efforts. Gabby, has previously worked in housekeeping, customer service, and employee relations/recruiting, providing her with great experience for human resources department at MLS. At work, Gabby most enjoys working with the employees to guide them to the right path and working to make sure all employees feel a sense of accomplishment. One her favorite experiences at work was an employee appreciation event, which the executive team, employees and managers interact to create a positive and motivational environment. This was a humbling experience to see all levels of the organization come together to appreciate one another. Some outside hobbies for Gabby include arts and crafts with her children, long hikes, and camping; or just being outdoors in general. Gabby also loves cooking and baking, but won’t pass up dancing when a song comes on.

Words of Wisdom: 

A curious mind never stops learning or thriving for more!