Plant 3 Phase 2


It’s done!  Magic Laundry Services, Inc. has completed the Phase 2 Expansion of its newest plant, Plant #3!



The $13 million build-out is the most State-of-the-Art and Environmentally Friendly hospitality plant in the Western United States.


  • New Tunnels
  • 4 New Ironers Lines
  • RFID Technologies
  • Cart Bar Coding / Tracking Systems
  • E-Vue Linen Management Software to track product in and out (video link:
  • Live Time Tracking of your linen


Now, with 3 Plants, each one is designated to its hotel type (small hotels and boutiques have their own plant, mid-size hotels are located in their own plant, and the “big-box” hotels have their own plant.)  We save time and have the ability to support one another as they are all located on our 7 acre campus.


Please, reach out to us to schedule your Team’s “Field Trip” to tour our operations and meet the wonderful Team of our 1st Class organization.





Plant 1 Expansion (SkyFeed)


Magic Laundry Services, Inc. prides itself as being the most Automated and State-of-the-Art, Hotel commercial laundry facility in the So Cal Region. For many years, we have continued to invest and modernize the laundry industry for better quality standards, efficiency, and best practices in keeping costs down so that we can pass on that savings to our family of hotels.


With that, MLS is proud to be the first Hospitality Laundry Company to install the New Sky Feed Feeder.  Currently, there are only 3 of these machine in the US Market. The manufacturer, Biko in Switzerland, created this feeder to allow for storage and precise feeding.


In the next couple months, Chi Vision will be added to this new ironer line.  The Chi Vision software is an amazing tool that automatically detects and recognizes stains, tears, and holes, by taking pictures of each product being passed through the machine thereby helping the Production Team identify these items before folding and preparation for loading the carts.


Please take a moment to view the attached Video of our New Sky Feed Ironer line and check out the Chi-Vision Brochure below:


Sky Feed Ironer –


Chi-Vison –


As we feel that our partnerships go hand-in-hand and serve as a very important component to your daily operations, we encourage all of our esteemed clients to bring their Housekeeping Teams to our plants and tour our processing facilities.  Please contact us as we are happy to schedule a tour with your Team!


We want You to know that the investments we make daily are to better improve the processing of your linens. We thank you again, for the years of commitment to our Organization.