TRSA’s Hospitality Committee recently convened in Honolulu for two days of meetings and tours of local laundry facilities. The first day of the agenda featured a pair of tours at TRSA operator member facilities, a group outing to visit Pearl Harbor and a Hawaiian luau on March 2.

Day 1 began with a trip to Alsco Inc.’s plant, which runs seven days a week, 365 days per year processing a mix of food and beverage (F&B), healthcare, hospitality and industrial goods for its customers. After meeting with Honolulu General Manager Brian Arkle, Operations Manager Terry Seagraves and Production Manager Barrett Gamble in a second-story conference room, the TRSA group walked the plant’s production floor. The facility processes roughly 100,000 lbs. of linen daily. Alsco uses several machines to wash its mix of goods. These include two tunnel washers, a Milnor PulseFlow® and a Kannegiesser tunnel; six 900 lb. Ellis washers; and four 450 lb. JENSEN machines.

Following the tour at Alsco’s Honolulu location, the group made the short trip to the United Laundry Services plant on Oahu. The location in Honolulu services a mixture of healthcare and hospitality customers. United Laundry processes linens for 13 hospitals on Oahu, which is all of the hospitals on the island except for one military hospital, as well as 40 healthcare clinics and a total of 54 hotels. The Oahu operation is split into two buildings – the original building purchased in 1988 processes the company’s hospitality work, while a newer building purchased in 2014 is solely dedicated to healthcare laundering. The TRSA group got a chance to tour both buildings and see the contrast in the operations. Between the two buildings, the company has six tunnel washers and the TRSA group got to see many of these Kannegiesser PowerTrans machines in action during the visit.

After the plant tour, the TRSA group had lunch with United Laundry Services’ President & CEO Vicky Cayetano and her staff before departing on a bus to Pearl Harbor for a tour of the USS Arizona Memorial. The night ended with a Hawaiian luau at Paradise Cove.


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