On Friday, January 24, 2020, Magic Laundry Services hosted the Western Textile Services Association (WTSA) for a Plant Tour of our facilities in Montebello, CA. The plant tour was hosted for 70 WTSA Members, as they held their 2020 Annual Production Clinic in Los Angeles. Magic Laundry Services was excited to host the tour, as we are always open to hosting events that help to build a stronger industry community.

The tour group arrived at 10:00 AM and were greeted in front of Plant 1, by the Magic Laundry Services Team for brief overview of the facilities. The group was then split into groups of 10 and designated to a specific MLS tour guide. The whole tour came together thanks to the special partnerships we have with our vendors. MLS had 10 stations set up throughout the plant and many of the vendors that work with Magic Laundry Services on a daily basis were able to participate and give an overview of their equipment/services and how they complement our operation on a daily basis.

Our partner vendors for this event included: Chicago Dryer, Gurtler Industries, Kannegiesser ETECH, Milnor Pellerin Corporation, Softrol, and Tingue Brown. In addition to our vendors, the entire MLS Team is credited with the success of the tour, and special thanks to our Engineering and Transportation departments, who also hosted their own station to present their operations to participants at the tour.
Magic Laundry Services operates with an open-door policy, and if you wish to set up a tour, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated customer service representative, or through our website.