Magic Laundry Services recruits and retains the most talented professionals in the linen cleaning industry to deliver the highest quality services to our clients. Our team constantly improves laundering processes to enhance the client experience, deliver the finest results, maximize efficiency, and minimize our impact on the environment.

Harry Kertenian


Our COO -CFO, Harry Kertenian, has been with Magic Laundry Services since its birth in 2004. He was introduced to the laundry industry at a very young age, working for his parents who owned and operated their own retail laundry and dry cleaning store. Harry started there after school when he was 16, and upon finishing high school, he was involved full-time and beyond, expanding the business from a six employee cleaners to a two-shift retail store with 15 employees. At the age of 26, Harry began his own Venture and opened a hospitality laundry services company, creating Magic Laundry Services, and since then, he has not looked back.

At MLS, Harry loves that every day is challenging and busy. He also loves making a positive difference in people’s lives. One of our drivers always gives Harry a hug when he sees him. That’s because over 10 years ago, Harry saw this man, an orange seller he noticed daily, sitting by the road with his head down. Harry opened his window, asked him where his oranges were, and when the man said he would have more next week, he needed to get some work first, Harry figured he was honest because he was working instead of begging. So Harry handed him his number, and asked him to call for a job. Little did Harry know, the man came that afternoon and began working in production. Eventually, he earned his Class A driver’s license, and now drives semi-tractor trailers for MLS. How fortunate we are when opportunity is given to us all.

In his spare time, Harry enjoys his church, racing cars (which at one time he did weekly on club circuits), and playing golf with clients. But mostly, he’s dedicated to his family and alongside his wife, raising there children.

Words of Wisdom:

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all these things shall be added on to you.

Garo Jekmeian


Garo has been part of the MLS team since 2005. Prior to joining us, he worked in the automotive industry, custom fabrication, and IT. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering. At Magic Laundry Services, he loves keeping busy and setting new challenges for himself. In the decade he’s been here, Garo started as a driver in 2005 and immediately moved to production soon after, in 2008 he became our Chief Engineer and was heavily involved in the growth and expansion of MLS, With his Extensive knowledge and experience company wide , Garo was prompted to our GM in 2013. Garo has grown exponentially and oversees the entire operation of over 500 employees.

In his spare time, Garo enjoys his church, playing basketball, 3D printing, and anything tech-related.

Words of Wisdom:

1 Peter 4:10 and Hebrews 11:1

Crystal Portillo


Crystal joined our administrative team in 2015, bringing extensive experience as an Executive Assistant / Office Manager. She started off as a Receptionist in her early 20’s and moved up to administrative positions with attorneys, accountants, tribal government, federal/state/county/local government, non-profits, and nuns.  So, to say her administrative experience runs a wide spectrum of environments is an understatement! Crystal is proud of the progress our Admin Team has made since she started at MLS and looks forward to all there is to still be achieved. Crystal oversees the entire office administrative operations.

Outside the office, Crystal is a singer-songwriter, and spends most of her free time as an entertainer performing with three different bands/projects in the rock, doo-wop, and country genres.

Words of Wisdom:

Keep a sense of humor, and always be open to other ideas and opinions.

“Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige.  It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character.”~unknown

Erika Pina


Erika joined the MLS team in 2021 as the Director of People and Culture, spearheading the HR operations and working to build a positive MLS culture. Erika comes from 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, working with MLS as a customer for many years at various hotels in Southern California Region. The hotel experience was exclusively with Marriott, where Erika was able to travel to multiple cities, focus on training employees, and be part of opening new luxury properties. After a successful career with Marriott, Erika expanded her knowledge and experience in the hospitality market by taking a position as the Director of Housekeeping at SoFi stadium at its inception. In being a part of opening a state-of-the-art NFL stadium/event venue, Erika was also able to experience working Superbowl LIV in Tampa, Florida. All these experiences led Erika to her role as the director of People and Culture at MLS. At work, Erika most enjoys being able to help others, as well as develop the leadership team. Her most memorable experiences have always been team building and putting together creative ways to improve teamwork and communication. Outside of the 9-5, Erika loves exploring new places, especially with her pug, Bilbo.

Words of Wisdom:

A positive attitude changes everything!

Gabriela Fernandez


Gabrielle started with the MLS team in 2021, joining the human resources department. Although she had assisted MLS with recruiting previously, the company knew that Gabby would be a great fit after seeing the hard work she was putting in on her recruiting efforts. Gabby, has previously worked in housekeeping, customer service, and employee relations/recruiting, providing her with great experience for human resources department at MLS. At work, Gabby most enjoys working with the employees to guide them to the right path and working to make sure all employees feel a sense of accomplishment. One her favorite experiences at work was an employee appreciation event, which the executive team, employees and managers interact to create a positive and motivational environment. This was a humbling experience to see all levels of the organization come together to appreciate one another. Some outside hobbies for Gabby include arts and crafts with her children, long hikes, and camping; or just being outdoors in general. Gabby also loves cooking and baking, but won’t pass up dancing when a song comes on.

Words of Wisdom: 

A curious mind never stops learning or thriving for more!

Robert Luna


Mr. Robert Luna joins MLS with over 20 years of Customer Service, Retail, and Security background.  He’s dependable, honest, hardworking, and enjoys interacting with his coworkers.  Robert started with MLS working the graveyard shift as the Safety/Security Officer.  During that time, his work ethic and positive attitude were evident in making difference by helping the employees feel safe in the late hours of the night.  Now, we are blessed to have Robert take over the role of Health & Safety Director.  He is always alert, follows through, and is willing to jump in and assist wherever he can.

When Robert isn’t at MLS, he enjoys watching sports, spending time with his family, and church activities.

Words of Wisdom:

Trust in God all the time and treat people the way you want to be treated.

Arthur Kabian


Arthur joined MLS in  2014 as a controller. He, started his financial career as a bank teller, and then  transferred to the corporate office as a financial auditor where he worked for six happy years. After he moved to the United States, Arthur worked in different fields only to survive,  until the opportunity was opened and he was “blessed” with his current job as a financial controller at MLS.

Arthur loves numbers, which means he loves his job. In his spare time, he also loves cars, racing, and working on project cars.

Words of Wisdom:

Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow.

Jasmine Hovasepian


Jasmine has been working in the offices at Magic Laundry Services since 2014. Before joining MLS, she worked as a receptionist and moved into finance, where she handled accounts payable and receivable, billing, bank reconciliation, and more. All totaled, Jasmine has over 20 years of office experience. At Magic Laundry Services, she loves that every day is different, and it never gets boring. She even works in the plant from time to time, shaking things up and getting a work out!

When she’s not at MLS, Jasmine enjoys cooking, exercising, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

Words of Wisdom: 

Appreciate and be grateful for what you have, no matter how hard things get at times.

Luis Ramos


Starting in 2015, Luis joined MLS as a Dock employee.  With Customer Service knowledge and a desire to grow, Luis soon joined the Management team as the Director of Logistics.  As he oversees routes, dispatch, and a fleet of trucks that travel all over Southern California, Luis enjoys stepping up to challenges and always looking for ways to make his department better and learn new things.

In his time away from work, Luis likes to go to the gym, play soccer, loves music, and plays his guitars and piano.

Words of Wisdom:

He who fights against monsters should see to it that the does not become a monster in the process.  “When you stare persistently into an abyss, the abyss also stares into you.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Hugo Rodriguez


Hugo started his career in Industrial Laundry in 2009 working throughout Mexico as well as in the United States.  Starting in Sales/Customer Service, then continuing into Operations/Logistics has helped him develop the knowledge and skills at all levels of the industry.  He enjoys learning, improving processes and providing the best service and quality experience possible.  Hugo says, “The best experience at MLS is in its day-to-day, because there is always a new challenge to solve.”

Hugo loves to travel and meet new people, which is why he enjoys being part of the delivery process.  He likes having the opportunity to visit and discover new places as well as personally connect with our Customers.

Hugo enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and is always trying to create unforgettable memories for those around him.

Words of Wisdom: 

The only limitation we have is ourselves.

Michelle De Leon


Michelle’s journey with MLS has just begun! She is our newest Team Member and has taken on the ever organic and always exciting responsibility of Customer Service.  While Michelle is new to the laundry business, she comes with over 10 years in Management, Retail, and Customer Service experience.  When asked about what she loves most about her job and her most memorable experience so far, she says with a twinkle in her eye, “there is never a dull moment!”   In her time away from the bustle, she enjoys baking and specializes in cupcakes and custom orders (her peanut butter and chocolate is a favorite around here!)

Words of Wisdom:

Don’t let yourself be the one who is holding you back.

Joe Gayton


Joe came to MLS in 2017 with 30 years of Laundry/Mechanical experience.  Having served as an Operations Manager, Chief Engineer, Regional Director of Engineers for several automated plants over the years, Joe has brought his knowledge to the Engineering department.  As the support for the whole company , the department is always busy and each day is never the same.  Joe genuinely enjoys working on equipment, figuring them out, and getting them up and running when they’re down. Joe oversees over 35 engineers, keeping all MLS equipment and automation running smoothly 7 days a week!

When Joe’s not at MLS, he’s hanging out with his family, enjoying music, and people watching.

Words of Wisdom: 

Manage your destiny.  / Be positive and Think positive and it will become your reality.

Berge Manayan

Director Customer Services

Berge joined MLS in February 2019.  With over 20 years of Customer Service experience in the luxury fashion industry, he is no stranger to providing the utmost in excellent service.  One of the things he likes most about being at Magic is the Magic of our Teamwork and that everyone pulls together to make it happen.  Berge loves listening to good music, taking in a lively soccer match, and traveling wherever the wind takes him.  We are very excited to have Berge on Team MLS!


Words of Wisdom: 

 “You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re still thinking about yesterday.”

Vatche Kouyoumdjian


Vatche has been part of the MLS team since 2007. He started here as the controller, and now works in sales and customer service, which he truly enjoys. Working with our clients on a daily basis brings Vatche a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment, from traveling to meetings and presentations to going the extra mile for a client guest. In fact, he recently received a call from a mother whose child was missing a white teddy bear. (She thought it might have been sent with the laundry.) Vatche led the search, found the teddy, and returned it the following day.

When he’s not at MLS, Vatche enjoys sports. One of the things he looks forward to each year is attending USC football games.

Words of Wisdom:

Take one day at a time. Matthew 6:34 says it best: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Cindy Guerra


Cindy joined the company since 2017. Her work experience is in contract administrator, coordinator, buyer expediter, hospitality and purchasing agent. She has been part pf the hospitality industry for over 10 years. Cindy is known for providing great service- Knowing our customers are satisfied with our company. Cindy admires when her customers tell her, “they missed me”.

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys hiking, reading and alone time.

Words of Wisdom:

Always do your best, even when no one is looking.

Tony Gallegos


Tony has worked at MLS since the opening in 2005. He originally began working at Magic Cleaners in 1998 which later became MLS.  At MLS, Tony was one of first two employees.  He pretty much did everything, which means he has a wide-ranging of experience and knowledge. Tony has 20 years of extensive experience in the dry cleaning and uniform industry.  He oversees the entire operations of the uniform department which cleans and presses over 10,000 garments a day.   He loves the responsibility that comes with his job, and seeing MLS grow like a big family. For Tony, family means a lot—at home and at work.

Words of Wisdom:

Always do your best.

Ricardo Bribiesca

Plant 412 Production Manager

Ricardo has been with Magic Laundry Services since 2010. Before joining our team, he worked for Minson Corporation for 15 years, starting as a regular employee and moving up to a lead-man and then a supervisor. At MLS, he worked for one year as a driver and then he was promoted to a plant  manager in 2011. He loves helping every single employee get better every day, and watching them grow everyday with their hard work. On a daily basis, Ricardo strives to be consistent and energetic, knowing that with a good attitude, you can conquer anything, and all your goals are possible.

In his spare time, Ricardo enjoys sports cars, and he’s fascinated with his home. He loves to spend time with his daughters and wife.

Words of Wisdom:

Always work with discipline, always be positive, and always be honest with yourself and others. Don’t be embarrassed to ask something when you don’t know. Always share your good ideas.

Aaron Baca


Joining MLS in 2012, Aaron began as a Production Employee.  He quickly moved his way up to Supervisor and now is an important member of the Management Team.  Aaron enjoys the challenges that the job requires and says that “moving things around daily is like playing chess.”

Aaron loves sports but his passion is baseball, especially playing, and most of all, coaching Little League and seeing the kids grow and advance in the game.

Words of Wisdom: 

To be Honest and Kind to Everyone.

Jose Garcia


Jose joined MLS in 2006, and he has 25 years of experience in the laundry industry. He was with Coca-Cola for 10 years, Gatorade for two years, Tequila Errudura for three years, Texolini Textile for one year, and Flexible Technologies for four years as an automation engineer. At MLS, he likes the daily challenges and learning new technologies and new automation systems that the company continuously invests in, Jose overseers the 412 Plant Engineering department. In fact, his most memorable experience here was resolving a problem on one of the tunnels that was difficult to troubleshoot.

Words of Wisdom:

Do what you like to do to feel good about yourself, and the people you surround yourself with at work.

Johana Gonzalez

Plant 424 Production Manager

Starting in 2012 as a production employee, Johana quickly became a Supervisor.  She feels that it was a good opportunity to learn more about the whole process of production and in 2017 she was made a member of the Management Team.  Johana has enjoyed the growth opportunities and learn more about the industry . “MLS has allowed me to grow and Expand my Horizon and I’m proud to say that running one of the plants has been awesome, as I look to grow even more.”

In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

Words of Wisdom:

Always do your best and never be afraid of a challenge.

Maria “Lupe” Velarde


Lupe joined MLS 10 years ago.  She started working with us as a Production employee and became adept at running various stations and equipment.  Soon, she too was made a Supervisor and recently promoted to the role of Assistant Manager.  She says that she loves everything about her job and the growth she’s experienced.  Her most memorable times at work have been the acknowledgement of her talents and the opportunity to be given higher positions as she’s grown.  She holds a genuine interest in being a better person every day and to continue to move up the ladder.

Words of Wisdom:

I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

Alejo “Alex” Rodriguez


Alex comes to MLS with 16 years of Linen and 8 years of Garment Dying experience.  Not only does he bring a wealth of knowledge regarding the equipment, he’s adept at maintaining a healthy parts inventory and keeping up with various schedules for maintenance and repairs.  Mr. Alex has a great attitude and enjoys being part of a Team.

Words of Wisdom: 

You Can. Nothing is impossible.

Oscar Leon Wong

Plant 400 Production Manager

Oscar started at MLS since the opening in 2005. He originally began working for Magic Cleaners at the age of 16 which later became MLS. He started as a supervisor learning each department and perfecting each department he was managing.  Oscar has become one of the most knowledgeable plant managers in this industry.  His hard work and dedication has made him one of the most loved and respected individuals at MLS.  His commitment and dedication to the production team has helped MLS become the industry leader in quality and service to our family of hotel clients.

When he’s not at Magic Laundry Services, Oscar enjoys race cars and playing sports.

Words of Wisdom:

 We need to work together to achieve our goals and succeed in life.

Marlem Lopez


Marlem has been with Magic Laundry for 8 years.  She started as a Production employee before moving up to a Supervisory role.  With the development of her talents as a Supervisor, she has recently been promoted to the Assistant Manager position.  She has enjoyed learning the Laundry Industry and learning something new every day.  In her free time, Marlem loves to dig her toes into the sand by walking on the beach.

Words of Wisdom:  

It is Never too late to Succeed.

Paul Dominguez


Paul joined MLS in 2010 with extensive experience in the hospitality laundry industry. He likes challenging himself daily, he’s happy to learn many new and different tasks. On both a personal and professional level, Paul pushes himself to keep learning more. Paul oversees the 424 plant which is one of the most state of the art laundry facilities in the county.  He is continuously striving to keep the equipment running in pristine condition.

Words of Wisdom:

Be responsible and efficient at your job. Never give up easily.

Martha Gaxiola


Martha has been with Magic Laundry since 2017.  She started as a Production worker and 4 months later she was promoted up to a Supervisory role.  With the development of her talents as a Supervisor, she has recently been promoted to the Assistant Manager position.  She has enjoyed learning the Laundry Industry and enjoys growing from her co-workers.  In her free time, Martha loves to spend time with her family out doors, cooking, and exploring new restaurants.

Words of Wisdom:  

Never stop being humble, grateful and a good person!