Company decides to replace 8-year-old tunnel washers

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Magic Laundry Services has launched a $4 million upgrade of its Montebello, Calif., facilities to increase capacity and efficiency, the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) reports.

Magic sought ideas for business improvement during a June tour of laundries in the London area organized by TRSA. There, outsourcing of hotel work is the norm.

Upon returning home, Magic decided to replace 8-year-old tunnel washers with two new jumbo models with automatic loading and discharge systems. The transformation will allow Magic to serve more California high-end hotels as they seek water savings by outsourcing linen supply instead of laundering on their premises.

“It’s easier to bring automation to rental: it’s one basic and systematic system,” says Harry Kertenian, Magic’s owner. “We seek heavy automation as a COG operator, which is the key. We feel so far we have done well, and we are continuing to revolutionize into new technologies and newer ideas, not only to be more effective internally but also to have the smallest carbon footprint as possible.”

Kertenian projects that the new washing equipment will require 0.4 gallons of fresh water per pound of laundry.