Magic Laundry Services Inc., Montebello, CA, recently opened its plant to unveil the latest technology and equipment upgrades from the company’s $4 million renovation and expansion project. Several of Magic’s hotel customers, prospective customers, utility partners and commercial laundry supplier companies, including TRSA associate members Ecolab Inc., Kannegiesser and Tingue, attended the event.

Attendees got a chance to meet with key members of Magic’s staff and see the facility in action. After gathering in the conference room at the company’s headquarters, Magic COO/CFO Harry Kertenian and his executive team took several groups on tours to show off the latest equipment in the facility, which consists of a pair of buildings that operate adjacent to each other in an industrial area of the city. In the company’s original building, Kertenian replaced two 10-module tunnel washers that the company had used since Magic opened in 2004 with a pair of 13-module Kannegiesser PowerTrans Plus models that were installed in the fourth quarter of 2015. In addition to the tunnel washers, Kannegiesser also installed a PowerPress and 10 PowerDry II dryers to complete the wash aisle upgrade. Kannegiesser President Phil Hart and several staff members were on hand to showcase the equipment.

The upgrades have led to greater processing efficiencies, as well as savings on electricity, natural gas and water use. Kertenian and his staff toured several plants during TRSA’s 2015 European Laundry Tour in London. That event, coupled with the California water crisis, served as the spark for Magic’s plant upgrade. “What we saw touring laundries in London made us realize that investing in the future now was the right way to go, especially at such a crucial time with water,” Kertenian said. “Since we started the business, we’ve known that we’ve needed to steadily find ways to be more efficient.”

With this latest round of upgrades, it appears Magic is on the right path to decreasing the company’s carbon footprint, while at the same time increasing its throughput and attracting new customers in an eco-friendly area such as Southern California.