MLS Shares the Christmas Spirit

‘Tis the season of giving and hope, and at Magic Laundry Services we hope to provide these feelings and more to all of our employees.

Over the past 15 years, MLS has held our annual Christmas party at Stevens Steakhouse, celebrating the Holiday with all our employees. The annual holiday party is always spent enjoying dinner dancing, and gift giving. This annual Christmas party is looked forward to by all and is time where MLS employees can mingle and enjoy each other’s company outside of our normal routine. With such an important holiday, we knew that we could not forgo this years’ celebration and made sure that we still give back to our employees. Although there was no steak house, or gifts to raffle off, it was our top priority to let our employees know they are appreciated and celebrated. Today we honored each of our employees by handing out gift bags and gift cards, to express our gratitude to the employees that make MLS who we are. We hope that all members of the MLS family, employees and customers, have a Merry Christmas!