This October, Magic Laundry Services sent representatives to participate in both the PMI and MMI hosted by TRSA (Textile Rental Services Association). Owner, Harry Kertenian, and Vice President of Operations, Cory Acton, participated in the events, which also included plant tours of a hospitality laundry facility and a linen supply provider for the Las Vegas Area.

In addition to Harry and Cory attending the event, Ricardo Bribiesca and Chino Leon Wong, Plant Managers for Plant 1 & Plant 3 were able to participate in the PMI portion of the event and exchange ideas with other operators to bring back to our Los Angeles operations.  Joe Gayton, Director of Engineering, participated in the MMI, where there was a strong emphasis on safety, and we hope to bring that focus back to Magic Laundry Services.

We look forward to the next TRSA event, and continued industry knowledge.