The Holiday Season is here and Magic Laundry Services is in the spirit of community and giving back. Last week, Magic Laundry Services invited all of its employees for an evening of food, gifts, and dancing at Steven’s Steak & Seafood House in Commerce. Stevens’s has housed the event for Magic Laundry Services for the last 4 years, and we hope to continue the tradition in the future. Over 400 employees came out to attend the party this year, and thanks to the thoughtfulness of our vendors, we were able to raffle over 280 gifts to Magic Laundry Services employees. Following the raffle, everyone got out on the dance floor to dance and enjoy the music from a live DJ. Everyone had a great time, and we are already looking forward to next year’s annual Christmas party, and the spread of more joy in the Holiday Season.

Although the annual Holiday party is very dear to our heart and a big part of the annual holiday tradition at MLS; we are committed to spreading the holiday spirit outside the walls of Magic Laundry Services and reach out the community. This year, Magic Laundry Services was an event level sponsor for the annual Holiday Lunch and Toy Drive, hosted by the Montebello Police Department. It is so important to give back to the local service members of our community and support their efforts of giving back to the community youth in Montebello. We wish all of the members and customers of the MLS Family and Montebello community a Happy Holiday Season.


The Holidays are here, and with a New Year, Magic Laundry Services is looking to the future on how it can continue to provide the highest level of service and quality to its customers. We are proud to announce earlier this week, Magic Laundry Services finalized three new wide format ironer lines for Plant 1, with partner, Kannegiesser ETECH, that will help prepare Magic Laundry Services for the future. This upgrade is scheduled to arrive in April, so that Magic Laundry Services will be prepared for the upcoming summer season.

These three new wide format European ironers will feature the latest, state of the art technology the industry has to offer. Equipped with corner-style feeding; duvets, fitted sheets, and flat sheets will be spread with precision to allow for quality ironing and folding. The machines also have the latest in Servo Motor technology, allowing for increased production, and higher throughput in our Flagship Plant.

In addition to the benefits to quality and production, Magic Laundry Services is also glad to improve our Eco-friendliness of our facilities. These new ironer lines will work on a direct heat source from a dedicated burner, versus the old technology of steam. This improvement will help to save on usage of Natural Gas and reduce energy consumption.

In addition to the upgrades to Plant 1, Magic Laundry Services and Kannegiesser ETECH were able to include a new feeder, that will be utilized in Plant 2. This will help bring the quality and precision of the European Corner-Style Feeder to the operation. In addition, it will increase the capacity of Plant 2 for future growth.

As the premier hotel laundry supplier in Southern California, and the largest laundry facility on one site, we continue to look for ways to constantly improve our operation and the services we provide. As always, Magic Laundry Services is happy to maintain an open-door policy, and we encourage you to schedule a tour, please contact:

Cory Acton VP of Operations by email at Schedule a Tour


This October, Magic Laundry Services sent representatives to participate in both the PMI and MMI hosted by TRSA (Textile Rental Services Association). Owner, Harry Kertenian, and Vice President of Operations, Cory Acton, participated in the events, which also included plant tours of a hospitality laundry facility and a linen supply provider for the Las Vegas Area.

In addition to Harry and Cory attending the event, Ricardo Bribiesca and Chino Leon Wong, Plant Managers for Plant 1 & Plant 3 were able to participate in the PMI portion of the event and exchange ideas with other operators to bring back to our Los Angeles operations.  Joe Gayton, Director of Engineering, participated in the MMI, where there was a strong emphasis on safety, and we hope to bring that focus back to Magic Laundry Services.

We look forward to the next TRSA event, and continued industry knowledge.


Last week, Magic Laundry Services owner, Harry Kertenian, and Vice President of Operations, Cory Acton, attended the Annual TRSA Hospitality Conference in Orlando, Florida. This year saw a record turn-out of attendees to the annual conference. Anthony Melchiorri from Hotel Impossible kicked off the conference as the Key Note Speaker, setting the tone for a week of learning and idea sharing across the industry.

On the first full day of the conference, both representatives from Magic Laundry Services, Cory Acton and Harry Kertenian, were asked to participate in panels that were designed to facilitate an open conversation with the fellow attendees regarding the state of the industry. Cory took part in the panel, “Making the Case for Outsourcing Laundries”. The panel discussed the operational and cost benefits of closing down on-premise laundries at hotels, that could outsource their laundry needs to specialized, dedicated laundries, such as MLS. Harry participated on the CEO panel, “Hospitality Market Trends”. This panel included 2 other CEO’s from the industry to discuss the future of the hospitality laundry market segment, where we can grow, and where we can become better as an industry.


The second day of the conference allowed the attendees to escape the meeting rooms and take part in two separate laundry tours. Both plants were designed specifically for hospitality processing and were built in the last 5 years. Due to the age of these plants, attendees were able to see modern equipment in a real application. These plants showed significant automation, showing the direction of our industry from the equipment perspective, and highlighted the benefits of outsourcing laundry from the hotel.